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Custom Built Computers
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2020-08-26 06:42:56

Craig provides excellent, personalized, one on one service. He recently upgraded our current lap top that was several years old and found us another refurbished one to purchase for our kids to use for school. We have been very pleased. Very helpful during this time of remote learning in our schools.

Nichola Gaither

2020-08-06 06:59:43

Provided service in a timely and professional manner.

Schuster Haus Boxers

2020-07-22 15:06:15

His customer service and professional knowledge is fantastic. Just what you would expect from a pro. He has done an amazing job bringing my laptop back to life. Life long customer from here out! Great to support a local business in the process.

peacefulspirit nc

2020-01-11 17:42:48

I have had a great experience with Custom Built Computers. Craig has built my business website that has brought my business many new customers. I also bought a computer. Any time I have called Craig with any questions or problems he has responded immediately either by phone or in person. I highly recommend Custom Built Computer.

Debbie Bunton

2019-12-23 07:19:44

Craig is so great to work with his costumers! Recently, he built a web page for me and worked on it until every detail was just what I needed. He communicated with me each step of the way to be sure everything was correct and he also listened to my suggestions or concerns. He is very professional. I also like that he is always available when I tech questions. I would definitely recommend him to anyone interested in building a great web page or for any computer needs.

Penny Ledbetter

2019-08-26 08:00:53

Was taking my time looking for a lap top when I came across the knowledge per repair of a laptop for my partner. I found that not only was the cost of the repair a decent price, but the price of the laptop for sale was a great price as well. Turns out there were some issues with that laptop that Craig quickly addressed , and I ended up purchasing another that works out well and lowered the price due to the inconvenience.

Cindy Anthony

2019-08-10 13:06:23

Great service, I would highly recommend Craig for all your computer needs. Great prices and great service.


2019-08-07 17:03:34

Walked in and fixed my laptop immediately.Had the part in stock with reasonable pricing too. Hard to find service like that these days.

Robert Potts

2019-08-05 13:38:03

Great experience and excellent work.

Chris Lakey

2019-07-14 11:36:04

Known Craig since elementary school. He's a good guy who will give you a fair price and fix your PC if he can. He fixed my sister's Dell laptop by replacing the screen on it so she could get a few more years out of it.

Ross Warren

2019-07-08 06:14:00

My computer was very very slow to the point I wouldn't even use it before taking to the shop. In less than 24hrs it was fixed and running better than ever at a great price. Highly recommend

Tina Weston

2019-01-19 10:32:55

Have purchased desk top computers, laptops and other equipment which were excellent purchases. Craig's service is always very prompt and thorough. Very helpful and considerate with any operating problems and strives to be sure everything is up and running the way it should be

Jimmy Reavis

2018-12-08 08:14:48

Craig is the BEST COMPUTER GUY on this planet. He's literally saved me several times when I truly needed his help. I'm not tech savvy.... at all... so he even made a house call and it was worth the extra few dollars. "Who do you call? Craig Keiger!"

Jamie Thompson

2018-11-29 13:29:21

He is always very helpful with all my computer needs. I have bought several laptops and desktop off of him and have been very satisfied with all of them. I will continue to give him my business and recommend him to anyone.

Amanda Kennedy

2018-08-23 14:25:30

Tablet repair at good price.

Stephen Horney

2018-05-12 09:43:31

Craig has worked on by computers over the years. Works hard to find the problem and has giving me great service and very knowledgeable at great prices. Would recommend him for your computer problems.

Denise Miles

2018-04-28 09:30:19

Thanks Craig for all the help in the past on my computer!

Troy Watkins

2018-04-05 09:31:56

They will work hard to help you solve your computer problems and have always helped us anytime we needed anything! They are highly recommended and the staff are good people! Give them a visit next time you need some computer work and you will see for yourself! Craig is a good guy and has helped us with many projects!

ThE WooD HeaD BoB

2018-02-05 10:13:27

Craig is so patient explaining things to me and walking me through the steps to fix my problem when I call him from home. I trust him with any computer issues that I have. I am so glad that I have such an awesome person to help me.

Kathleen Huffman

2018-01-15 16:28:14

Craig has built 2 computers for us and does all our tech work. We have found him to be knowledgeable and honest and he is very affordable. He will take time to show you how to fix minor problems and his service contract is a good buy.

Evelyn Shew

2018-01-08 12:10:55

Very prompt and excellent service

Jan Barnes

2017-12-23 10:51:24

Thanks so much for fixing my laptop so quickly after it got damaged. I wouldn’t expect anything less since everything I have ever bought from you has been quality and you have always been able to fix things others won’t even touch. You have a customer for life.

Beth Ann Thompson

2017-12-21 19:47:55

After warranty went out computer goes black my husband called him and as a COMPUTER WHISPER he walked my husband though it and it’s working great. Thank you

Kathy O'Dell

2017-11-18 12:53:37

Very knowledgeable and experienced at a reasonable price. I have never had to wait long for a repair or purchase. Very nice and easy to explain things to. There has never been a problem he hasn’t been able to fix for me or company.

Melanie Chatham

2017-10-27 11:44:15

Craig has repaired two iPad screens that were destroyed and I have bought a laptop and Apple computer…they all work great..he is always willing to help and prices are very reasonable! Great guy to do business with!

Suzanne Cass

2017-10-26 16:42:53

Craig at Custom Built Computers has been a great help to us (Rocky Creek Dairy & Vet Service). We had computer crashes, viruses, internet problems, routers replaced, etc. He always manages to be able to fix our problems. We are very satisfied with him. He even drops in our offices to see if we are having any problems. I highly recommend him. We have purchased several computers from him also. If it can be fixed, he will find a way.

Regina Gregory

2017-07-18 10:23:27

Craig is the best. He has taken his time to help me with my computer problems remotely because I live in Oklahoma and they were fixed after someone else could not seem to find the problem here. This guy will go the extra mile to help you beyond anyone I have ever had work on my computer. He is very reasonable and fair in price and I trust him totally. He is very knowledgeable, very personable, and genuinely cares about your computer problem and will work diligently to solve it. My only regret is that he does not live in Oklahoma. 🙂 If you want your computer fixed and fixed right, a reasonable and fair price, and is honest…. this is your guy.

Sharon Sellers Milazzo

2017-04-07 10:19:48

After a remote session with a Microsoft Employee, they later, during the evening, re-entered my IP space, had arranged a applet on my registry and had a new home to sell to the highest bidder, who were not good people. Were not in the USA, but held others for ransom with my IP addy…thank goodness we are not high rollers to have had ransom on our banking accounts but they were able to purchase many items, how, do idea. NEVER ALLOW anyone but Craig on your PC! After purchasing a new Desktop, Craig set it up and installed my Windows, Anti-virus and all around made my life a much better place to be in. After months of terror and much stolen funds, I can now be online again, safely and not-so-trusting anymore, but know I am secure. How great it is to have a local shop, trustful owner and all around great guy, Craig. 10 stars and many thanks to Barry for the heads up on this hidden gem! Seems I do not know what is in my own hometown, but Harmony has a Computer Shop that works. Highly recommend Craig to help your PC needs.

Emily Poole

2016-04-21 10:04:14

I went here to have my son’s tablet fixed because it wouldn’t charge anymore. He fixed it very quickly & it’s like brand new! I highly recommend him.

Jodi Giwoyna

2016-04-17 10:20:24

HOORAY! I am back up and running thanks to Craig Keiger at Custom Built Computers in Harmony. He does great work, is reasonable on his prices, has computers if you are needing one and is very nice..Check out his FB page Custom Built Computers and his website..

Brenda Current Swicegood

2016-02-01 22:08:13

My computer crashed and I dropped by to see if Craig could recover my data. Unfortunately it was too fried to be able to do that but Craig tried twice and the charge was very minimal. Great service from a sincere business owner.

Larry Coover

2016-01-30 03:20:23

Craig at Custom Built Computers does a great job taking care of all of our computer needs. He is very knowledgeable and dependable when it comes to hardware, software, and service.

June Gaither

2015-12-22 09:19:41

Custom Built Computers is definitely this place to go for all your computer needs. The owner, Craig, is true to his word and stands behinds all of his products. When you buy from him, you can trust your getting a computer of the highest quality. And in that rare exception that something doesn’t work right, he will honor his warranty without hesitation. In a world were virtue and values are almost non-existent, it is so refreshing to find someone who still them. So to ask me if I would recommend him to others? Without a doubt, I most definitely would time and time again. Thank you Craig for everything!

Sherry Luna

2015-11-22 21:20:40

Craig is AMAZING!! We bought a laptop from him and he gave us a free 90 day warranty with it. Well about 20-30 days after having it, something weird starting happening and it turned out the motherboard had gone bad….Called Craig right up and without any questions or ANYTHING he fixed it right away!! Custom Built Computers is awesome and Craig is amazing! Would definitely recommend!

Danielle Church Graham‎

2015-11-22 13:07:56

I recently bought a refurbished laptop from Craig to replace one that had quit working properly. I am very pleased with my purchase, and my husband is enjoying it very much!

Amber Beatty Hepler

2015-11-17 09:34:05

I want to thank Craig for fixing my computer again. Just a phone call away and he fixed it right up . Thanks Craig

Jean Cranfill‎

2015-11-15 05:49:11

Craig had just what I was looking for, a laptop for my son for Christmas. It was in great shape at an excellent price, my son is so happy with it. I will definitely be going back if I need anything in the future. Thank you so much Craig.

Jodi Renegar

2015-11-14 11:47:30

Very good service fixed problem while I waited!!!! Couldn’t have made me happier!!! And if I’m not happy with new screen he will order a new one!!!

Patsy W. Williams

2015-09-16 02:45:21

EXCELLENT experiences with Craig. He is always very willing to check your sick computer out and repair it, if possible, at a good price. If you need a Laptop or Tablet, be sure and stop by and see what he has. He works on them, refurnishes, and resales, right in his shop. No sending them off some where to have to pay shipping on. A+

Sandy Ratledge

2015-08-03 10:42:51

Thank you Craig for all your help with getting the computer that best suits my needs I’ll be back in the future when it’s time for a upgrade or any technical difficulties. CUSTOM BUILT COMPUTERS #1 Go to computer technicIan Thanks for your help!

Nancy Evans

2015-06-11 08:40:50

One of the best buisness,public relations,and honest poeple i have ever encountered .I would like to Thank God for leading me to this gentleman-,not only is he a great person ,he is very reliable and does great work ,he has went as far as to come to my house twice and then carried my laptop back to his office and fixed it like a new one,I highly reccomend his work to anyone.

Mary DeasonJordan

2015-05-26 09:39:00

I can’t thank Craig enough for all he did to help me when my computer got hacked. He’s the best! I had the unfortunate experience of having my computer hacked. Fortunately for me, Craig had opened his business and, as soon as we contacted him, he began working to straighten out my mess. He took my computer and cleaned it and added additional protection, but I was afraid of using it. Now, having gotten to know Craig and his quality of work, I should have known that it was safe, but I decided to ask him to build me a new one for my peace of mind. He did. Then, using his remote service, he helped us with some issues on my husband’s computer and with the wireless connection. Everything is still running smoothly. If you need professional help with your computer problems, or if you are looking for a new computer, I highly recommend Craig.

Carolyn Gordon Parlier

2015-05-04 04:34:03

My computer is working great. Thank you Craig.

Bonnie Weatherman

2015-04-08 15:28:07

Love my hp laptop that I got from Craig! He’s awesome.

Ashley Mahaffey

2015-04-08 01:23:40

Craig has done my computer repairs for quiet a while, and i am very pleased with his work. He is the first and only one I call when my computer is on the fritz.

Jennifer T. Trivette

2015-03-15 13:27:13

Craig is the BEST! So lucky to have found a reliable person when I need computer help!

Ciara Threadgoode

2014-11-23 11:03:18

Craig has been my computer guru for years. I know I can trust his ability and honesty. Thanks, for keeping me updated.

Mary Umbarger

2014-11-15 12:01:53

I'm a big believer in supporting your local businesses. This is a great place for your computer needs – very affordable! Craig Keiger will answer any questions you have – believe me, I had plenty when I upgraded to Windows-7, and still do. Christmas is right around the corner.

Virginia Bowie

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