Custom Built Computers
111 West Memorial Hwy
Harmony, NC 28634
Bus: 704-546-3550
Mobile: 704-682-3743

(New Computers)All of our new Computers are built from scratch with name brand products. We build them to customers specifications after we meet with them and they let us know what they would like to use their Computer for. We listen to our customers and then we give them an idea of what they need for what they want.The Computer cases above are available per our vendors stock. All new systems are built per customers request.Give us a call or just come by and lets see what we can do for you...

(Refurbished)All of our refurbished Computers are carefully checked for any issues they may have had at the time we acquired them.They may have had a bad harddrive or needed a memory upgrade or just needed the operating system reloaded. We always inform the buyer of the upgrades of fixes that were applied at the time of purchase.We are committed to customer satisfaction....